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Webflow development for the design-minded

Design teams

Launch websites fast and faithfully to your vision, with friendly expert developers on your side.

Design teams


Design around users as we handle the building. Rush to market at the speed of no-code!


Marketing Agencies

Forget endless ballparks and Zoom calls and accelerate your website project pipeline.

Marketing Agencies

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Collaborative project with FiftySeven

Stefan is a literally, one-man, unstoppable, creative power house!! I can always rely on and trust Stefan that the work will be done right and to a high quality in every sense.
Petar Stojakovic

Petar Stojakovic

Founder, FiftySeven
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Branding Sprint

Collaborative project with Legacy Studio

Folks from HighFive were extremely efficient with our website. They were going beyond ‘regular efforts’ to make sure our website reflects design 1 on 1. Working with them is above cool, as they are reliable, trustworthy, and high in energy from initial communication through delivery.
Marko Ivanovic

Marko Ivanovic

Founder, Legacy studio
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Omi Blockchain Solution

Collaborative project with OBS

We've been working with High Five for 6 months now across 5 different projects and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional! They're able to come up with a unique design every time that makes our branding show off. A truly talented design team. Highly recommend working with them!
Komninos Chatzpapas

Komninos Chatzipapas

Founder, Omi Blockchain Solution
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Collaborative project with Advisor

HighFive was an incredible team to work with! They were quick, efficient and super fun. Nenad's can-do attitude and cheery disposition made working with the team very enjoyable and set him apart from other developers we've engaged in the past. If you are looking for a good partner, these guys are your team of choice!
Leanna Conti

Leanna Conti

Head of Marketing and Operations, Advisor
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Collaborative project with Staggers

Stefan and his team are top notch. They were extremely communicative throughout our whole development project and paid attention to every detail. They wen above and beyond and we couldn't be happier with our new site. Would definitely work with them on all of our future Webflow work
Chrissy Cowdrey

Chrissy Cowdrey

Founder, Stagger

We love Figma but we Webflow it all!

How it works?
Easy as cake

Estimate Project

Use our Epic Calculator X-3000™ to get a precise quote & deadline for your project scope. We review your designs and send an invoice.

We no-code

We build your designs in Webflow, fast & faithfully to your vision. With every pixel, rem, font, and 50/50 shades of gray in the right place.

Done & dusted!

After one or, more often, no revisions, we transfer the website to your domain, with fully set up analytics and SEO. Woah, that was easy!

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Have any questions?
We can fix that

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Why should I choose you for Figma to Webflow conversion?

This is no run-off-the-mill conversion service. We scope each project individually and deliver top-notch quality. We handpick our devs mercilessly and optimize obsessively. Oh, and we used Webflow before “no-code” was a word.

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I run a design agency. Can you develop my designs?

Absolutely, partna! We work with a ton of fellow agencies and can’t wait to meet you and see your work. Drop us a website you’ve got cooking: we bet you’ll love how we work. This is us, btw.

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Do you also design websites?

Yup, we do also design websites. Can’t have Bonnie without Clyde, pizza without pineapple, Figma to Webflow without Figma. Book a call and let’s get no-code rolling, from the brand, to design, to launch.

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How does billing work?

Like a charm, and as automagically as they come. Just show us your project and designs to get a clear, no-bush-beating offer. We send and invoice, and ride off to Hackville Town.

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Can I hire you for long-term Webflow development?

Are you a Jedi? Because you just read our mind. We’ll be releasing Webflow HaaS (Hacking as a Service) super soon. Stay tuned here or ask away via LinkedIn or stefan@highfivestudio.co.

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I need assurances. You offer any guarantee? NDAs?

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer.” But yes, we guarantee timely delivery, quality and all-round wholesome awesomeness – even if COVID-23 hits the day after. Also, you can send us your NDA, or request one from us.

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Nice guys who turn Figma to Webflow



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